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Winterhaven Water and Wastewater Improvements

Nicklaus has acted as the primary design consultant for the Winterhaven Water District for the past 30 years. Over this period, Nicklaus has provided a wide range of services including the design and subsequent retrofits, of the water treatment plant, water distribution system and sewer collection system. Additionally, Nicklaus has provided emergency support to the Winterhaven Water District on multiple occasions.

Most recently, Nicklaus provided design services for upgrades to the water distribution system and the sewer collection system. Nicklaus developed a model of the existing water distribution system in order to redesign the existing hydro-pneumatic tank that surpassed its usable life and provide a new pump station with variable frequency drive pumps to improve the system efficiency. The new pump station design also includes a new control panel with auto dialer system and shade structure. The final water system upgrade will involve the replacement of an existing groundwater well pump and controls.

For the sewer collection system, Nicklaus developed design plans for two new sewer manholes as well as a replacement control panel with auto dialer system for the lift station.

Project Type: Municipal

Client: Winterhaven Water District

Role: Engineer


  • Civil Engineering

Funding: $133,400

Location: Winterhaven, CA