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Winterhaven Sewer Force Main Replacement

Nicklaus was initially contacted in June 2014 by Winterhaven Water District to provide design and construction services for a corrosion failure to a section of sewer force main suspended from the Colorado River Crossing Bridge. The pipeline failure resulted in raw sewage being released beneath the bridge onto the City of Yuma pedestrian pathway. Nicklaus provided emergency design and repair services to expedite service recovery.

Nicklaus replaced approximately 170 feet of failed ductile iron pipe with high density polyethylene pipe with all necessary appurtenances. During the design and repair process, it was determined that the corrosion was more extensive than previously suspected. Nicklaus was able to provide timely design-build assistance to eliminate the immediate concern and provide detailed recommendations for Winterhaven Water District’s path forward. As a long term solution, Nicklaus provided design services for the three sections of force main noted above based on recommendations provided during the initial investigation. In addition to the design work, Nicklaus also coordinated with the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission in developing a United States Department of Agriculture Preliminary Engineering Report for Rural Development of Wastewater Facilities in California, to aid Winterhaven Water District and Imperial County in obtaining grant funding for this project. The design consisted of coordination and permitting with the Winterhaven Water District, Imperial County, Bureau of Reclamation, CALTRANS, Quechan Indian Tribe, Arizona Department of Transportation, City of Yuma, and Yuma County. Nicklaus is now designing the next phase of the project which involves the replacement of 1,325 LF of sewer force main

Project Type: Municipal

Client: Town of Winterhaven

Role: Engineer


  • Civil Engineering

Funding: $346,400

Location: Winterhaven, CA