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Town of Wellton Fire Station Expansion

The Town of Wellton Fire Station has received various renovations since its original construction. Nicklaus assisted the Town with two of its expansion projects. In 2007 our team provided A/E services for a 34ft x 60ft addition to the original building, which included a full Apparatus Bay, Office space, storage area, and restroom. In 2016, Nicklaus was hired to provide A/E services for a second expansion of 21ft x 68ft, which would add a second full Apparatus Bay. Both additions were designed to match the original building exterior facade and construction system and minimize the construction cost to meet the Town’s budget. The designs included necessary site improvements, electrical and mechanical engineering services. Nicklaus assisted the Town of Wellton with development of a sample Project Manual to be used for acquisition of a Community Development Block Grant.

Project Type: Municipal

Client: Town of Wellton

Role: Architect


  • Architecture

Funding: $22,000

Location: Wellton, AZ