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Somerton Main Street Multi-Use Pathway

Nicklaus Engineering, Inc. was contracted by the City of Somerton to provide engineering services for a Multi-Use Pathway project. The site is part of the City of Somerton’s Shared Use Pathway and Trails Master Plan. Design of the Somerton Main Street Multi-use Pathway has been completed and the project constructed. Construction included an 8-foot wide concrete pathway along the south side of US 95, approximately 575 linear feet. The 8-foot wide concrete pathway is landscaped with drought tolerant trees and shrubs. The project also consisted of a 5-foot wide ADA compliant concrete sidewalk located adjacent to the existing curb and gutter that adheres to ADOT construction standards.

Project Type: Municipal

Client: City of Somerton

Role: Engineer


  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Funding: $87,100

Location: Somerton, AZ