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Pitzer Road Improvements

Nicklaus’ On-Site Inspector was responsible for monitoring the work performance of the contractor, ensuring compliance with codes and construction documents. The inspector drafted daily inspection reports and maintained a daily photo catalog of construction activities. The reports and photographs were communicated daily to the Resident Engineer, the General Contractor, and the County of Imperial Representative.

The Resident Engineer prepared notices, agendas, and meeting minutes. The Resident Engineer tracked the construction progress by evaluating and updating the project schedule and provided weekly reports. The Resident Engineer also reviewed Contractor pay applications, change orders, RFIs, and submittals; and scheduled materials testing and other required testing for the project in accordance with the contract documents. Additionally, Nicklaus provided Imperial County with a project close-out report along with all construction-related documents in binder forms.

Project Type: Municipal

Client: Imperial County Department of Public Works

Role: Resident Engineer / Construction Inspector


  • Construction management

Funding: $29,860

Location: Imperial County, CA