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Ogilby Road Stormwater Crossing Improvements

The County of Imperial Department of Public Works retained Nicklaus Engineering to prepare a Hydrology Report, Engineer’s Design Report and Engineering Design Plans for stormwater crossings at four select locations along Ogilby Road in Imperial County, California.

The project scope included the preparation of a hydrology report, an engineer’s design report, civil design, surveying/mapping, geotechnical engineering, and roadway engineering.

The project involved the design of 4 separate at grade stormwater crossings of Ogilby Road. New concrete pavement crossings protected with new concrete border curbs, cut-off walls and rip-rap rock contained within gabion baskets were designed to accommodate stormwater runoff of a 100-year frequency storm. New vertical curves for the roadway were calculated, and a Stormwater Drainage Report with shear stress analysis were prepared for the design of the crossings. Construction plans include topographic survey, plan and profiles for each wash crossings, wash crossing details, concrete jointing details and erosion sediment control plans

Project Type: Municipal

Client: Imperial County Department of Public Works

Role: Engineer


  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Funding: $32,825

Location: Imperial County, CA