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MCAS Yuma Air, EPCRA, CETEP, EMS and Range Support

Nicklaus has completed two years of this five year award which includes a full suite of services related to MCAS Yuma's Air, CETEP, EMS and Range Support needs. Nicklaus has provided assistance in complying with the Clean Air Act and with EPCRA reporting and had provided field level permit audit support. Nicklaus CETEP and EMS support has included activities ranging from on-site training to training video development to EMS manual updates. Range support has included cleanup activities for various petroleum releases throughout the MCAS Yuma footprint. 

Project Type: Federal

Client: NAVFAC SW - MCAS Yuma

Role: Engineer


  • Environmental Engineering and Consulting

Funding: $1,763,961

Location: Yuma, AZ