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Main Street Lighting & Other Improvements

The City of El Centro retained Nicklaus to perform professional design services for a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) project which included various improvements throughout the city.

The project included the following components:

  • Installation of 50 streetlights with pedestrian level lighting and decorative banner brackets installed on Main Street and State Street between 4th and 8th.
  • The repair of the existing catenary suspended cables and supports.
  • The installation of enhanced pedestrian crossings consisting of solar powered rectangular rapid flashing beacons designed at four separate locations within the El Centro city limits.
  • Construction of sidewalks, and necessary drainage facilities along the east side of Dogwood Avenue between Danenberg Drive and the south city limits along the out lots of the Imperial Valley Mall.
  • Rehabilitation of an existing retention basin at the southeast corner of Dogwood and Danenberg, re-sized for possible future upgrades to piping crossing Dogwood Road.
  • New concrete headwall structures and catch basins.

Additionally, Nicklaus was contracted to perform all pre-design services including a topographic survey using their in-house staff and equipment. Post Design, Nicklaus provided bidding support.

Project Type: Municipal

Client: City of El Centro

Role: Engineer


  • Civil Engineering

Funding: $94,776

Location: El Centro, CA