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LTA Phase 1 - Shoulder Backing Improvements

The Imperial County Department of Public Works (ICDPW) addressed shoulder backing deficiencies for the previously constructed LTA Phase I Rehabilitation Project. Nicklaus was selected as the Resident Engineer and Construction Inspector to oversee the shoulder backing activities for the following the roads.

  • Fawcett Road
  • Pitzer Road
  • Heber Road
  • Kloke Road
  • Clark Road
  • Farrell Road
  • Bonds Corner Road
  • Barbara Worth Road

Nicklaus also discussed the pre-construction meeting with ICDPW; from which Nicklaus developed the agenda. Nicklaus conducted the pre-construction meeting with a reviewed and approved meeting agenda and prepared the pre-construction meeting minutes for record. Nicklaus’ Construction Inspector was on-site for full-time inspection services. The On-Site Construction Inspector coordinated with ICDPW and supplied daily inspection reports and daily photos of construction activities for review and acceptance. The Resident Engineer reviewed the Contractor payment applications, change orders, RFI’s, submittals, materials testing results and certified payroll. At the completion of the project both the Resident Engineer and On-Site Inspector conducted the pre-final walkthrough developing a punch list.  The On-Site Inspector monitored the completion of the pre-final punch list items, and coordinated the final inspection with the Resident Engineer, ICDPW, and the Contractor. After construction was complete, Nicklaus coordinated As-Built plans with ICDPW and conducted project closeout

Project Type: Municipal

Client: Imperial County Department of Public Works

Role: Resident Engineer / Construction Inspector


  • Construction management

Funding: $38,220

Location: Imperial County, CA