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Forrester Road Bridge Repair

Nicklaus began services with the completion of all pre-construction activities which included reviewing the plans and specifications, conducting a pre-construction meeting, and preparing the pre-construction meeting minutes for record. Nicklaus On-Site CI represented ICDPW full-time during construction, drafting daily inspection reports and taking a daily photo catalog of construction activities. Nicklaus’ On-Site Inspector also coordinated all material testing services in accordance with the Quality Assurance Program (QAP). Nicklaus’ RE supervised the construction administration through daily communication and weekly progress meetings with the Contractor and ICDPW. The RE received and reviewed the Contractor payment applications, change orders, RFIs, submittals, materials testing results and certified payroll. Both the Nicklaus RE and CI took part in the pre-final walkthrough developing a punch list that was distributed to the Contractor and ICDPW. Nicklaus’ CI monitored the completion of the pre-final punch list items, and coordinated the final inspection with the RE, ICDPW, and the Contractor.

Nicklaus coordinated the As-Built plans with ICDPW and conducted a project closeout. The project closeout included a project summary report, as well as, all submittals, RFIs, change orders, and payment applications submitted in two sets in both hard copy and digital format.

Project Type: Municipal

Client: Imperial County Department of Public Works

Role: Resident Engineer / Construction Inspector


  • Construction management

Funding: $34,850

Location: Imperial County, CA