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Enforcement Zone Operational Research Center

Nicklaus was contracted to conduct a design build of the EZORC fence to serve as a composite of the latest Tactical Infrastructure standards and incorporate various anti-climb topping measures. Nicklaus performed or managed all professional engineering on the project, which included civil, geotechnical, and structural design. The project consisted of designing two border barrier bollard wall mock-up sections to simulate both the primary and secondary border barriers along the United States and Mexico Border. 

For the construction aspect, Nicklaus provided all project supervision, quality control, and the on-site Safety Officer. Nicklaus developed and procured materials and solicited subcontractors for the construction of the new Enforcement Zone Research Center wall. Nicklaus was responsible for the professional quality, code compliance, technical accuracy, and coordination of all construction activities at the FLETC project job site and ensured that the construction met all aspects of the Government’s scope of work and technical requirements. Nicklaus’ project manager provided all coordination with CBP and local FLETC personal from the start of the project to completion, and the Quality Control Manager provided assurance that all construction activities were completed per the engineered plans, and material testing was completed per the specification using the Three Phases of Control (Preparatory Phase, Initial Phase & Follow-Up Phase).


Project Type: Federal

Client: Customs & Border Protection

Role: Engineer and Contractor


  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction management
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Funding: $1,212,000

Location: Artesia, NM